Mínimo is a laboratory of digital ideas, with a technological branch (Lab) and a creative branch (Studio).

The idea

Mínimo is planned to be a small and efficient digital experimentation laboratory with a specific design philosophy, a work ethic, and a concrete business logic (read our Manifest).

It is based on the idea of efficiency: In performing a limited set of things with the highest possible quality and in the simplest possible way.

Mínimo foresees 3 different stages.

  • The FIRST STAGE consists of a period for developing the tools that allow the fast and efficient execution of digital ideas (templates ALT & Aipim + Study of the methodology), in launching the initial project and in defining the experimental ones.

    • iGaming (#2 Betizen), based on 5 years of experience in the field, the first LATAM community focused on protection of the online casino player, on fairness andthe control of the casinos.
    • Hobbies/Retail (#3 Hopmasters), which aims to “promote local and international craft beer culture” through an open store, a school of brewers and a ranking of beers.
    • Publishing (#4 Bibliopath), The Open Editorial.
    • Affiliation / Investment / Online work (#5 No.5).

  • The SECOND STAGE consists on the expansion of successful experiments, on creating an internal experimentation team (Coding, UX/Design/Art, Content, Marketing), together with the creation of the Study in charge of Mínimo’s creative madness.

  • The THIRD STAGE: To infinity and beyond!


Mínimo was created using Jekyll, based on the minimalist template Thinkspace from @heiswayi.

Before the questions: What is the minimum amount of resources we must use to tell you this? What is the exact minimum for the message to arrive without interference?

The result is this multi-language Mínimo theme for Jekyll, available on Github to use for free Which is the basis of this site.