In the best physical complement to this Dictionary of Lunfardo, edited by the Taurus publishing house, the Bachelor of Arts and full member of the Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Oscar Conde gives us the keys to understand the Argentine lunfardo with one of the most complete dictionaries on the slang of the Rio de la Plata.
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About the lunfardo.

Lunfardo is a slang or an argot originating from the Río de la Plata, a way of speaking that was born in the slums of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Rosario, where European immigration was abundant. One of the first written records of lunfardo was made by the policeman and journalist Benigno Lugones (1857-1884) when he published in 1879 in the newspaper La Nación the way of speaking that he heard in police stations [1].

Roberto Arlt (1900-1942) followed; of a Prussian father and Austro-Hungarian mother, he grew up in literature. It remains only to see his Aguafuertes Porteñas (Aquafortis Porteñas) or the novel El juguete Rabioso (The Rabid Toy), as examples, and for having been born in those places of diversity of customs, languages and dialects from far away, scrambled by a creole.
Later, other “macanudos” would inflate its literary substance even more and would even dedicate an academy to it [2], studies and a dictionary, like Gobello with his Nuevo diccionario del lunfardo.

Known as the “language of thieves” at the time and of tango [3] later, this criminal lexicon remains here, enriched with modern additions to the dictionary (with words like “yuta” or “rati”), the result of the contributions of terms from rock and roll and cumbia rhythm, for the use of old and new generations.

“Che reo, del barrio mishio que triunfaste en cien hazañas” Do you want more lunfardo? Listen to it from the source on this Tango Spotify Playlist.

As for this Dictionary of the Lunfardo slang, it is the first of its kind (there are many) that it is possible to consult in multiple languages. I collected the most common terms for the first version and aspire to collect them all. If you want to collaborate with this dictionary, you can do it from this Github page since the code is open source. If you are interested in the technical side of it, the code is written in Vuejs and is loaded dynamically from Github via jsdelivr.


[1] Police sketches by Leopoldo Lugones..
[2] Academia porteña del lunfardo.
[3] Milonga Lunfarda by Edmundo Rivero.

Entrevista a Oscar Conde por Felipe Pigna (Diccionario de Lunfardo)

La relación entre el tango y el lunfardo es intima y en esta entrevista del historiador Felipe Pigna al autor de uno de los libros mas importantes sobre el lunfardo, nos cuenta cómo y cuándo este llegó al tango para aportarle su expresividad única, trágica y teatral.

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