Mínimo is an idea laboratory.

We are interested in experimenting with digital projects that seek to improve reality.

We are interested in marketing but not in a thoughtless consumption fever [1][2], in promoting good ideas and not in the constant...
                                  interruption of our lives by superfluous products [3], in technology and not in technological products that abuse our instincts to monetize our attention!; we are interested in business as a way to finance good ideas, not for the purpose of financing vanities. Art that challenges [4], inspires and frees us.
We are optimists. We believe that pessimism is the excuse of some intelligent people to do nothing, to underestimate others or themselves and thus secure their position before the world.

We want to make stuff. We want to spread the word about those who are also making stuff. But we are not naive, we know the world is uncertain, imperfect and often plain hard; our impact can be big or small, but the experiments in which we embark we want them to make life more beautiful or healthier, or simpler, or more complete, or more elegant, or freer.

We do not have for anything else.
We understand money as a tool that allows us to generate, sustain and propagate these ideas and the those who carry them forward. We know that for this we need to be very good, cperate and compete with people from us.
We are adventurous, but not imprudent.
                                    . . . Imprudence is desperation and despair brings negative consequences to oneself and others. Courage brings admiration. Inspires
We are

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to not be afraid displeasing the right people, to be able to experiment with new ideas; in the face of fu**#!g prejudice, before our hasty judgments, before political correctness.


  1. Simplicity
  2. Long term
  3. Truth
  4. Experimentation
  5. Transparency
  6. Focus

1. Simplicity

In a time of excessive noise, we do the minimum necessary to offer an excellent product. We add the minimal amount of functions to give the user everything the product promised. We apply design in favor of aesthetic beauty, and aesthetic beauty in favor of function.
We avoid sacrificing the quality of something to get more of the same.
It's not about chocolate, Akimbo, Seth Godin.

2. Long term

Mínimo creates products that do not focus on perpetual growth but rather on perpetual improvement. This does not mean growing less, it means another way of doing it, one in which efforts, audiences, profits, compound one over the other over time, based on excellence and efficiency in the way of creating products and services.
Forget the pecking order at work, TED, Margaret Hefferman.

We launch ourselves into new projects with the objective of generating a change in the long run. To do something more efficiently, prettier, more transparent, simpler, healthier, better. To contribute something positive, however small the community or the project are.

We never start new projects with the only objective of making money. We are not interested in pyramid schemes, or spam, or affiliation of products that think exclusively of immediate goals. Without ignoring that in order for ideas not to remain in an expression of will, we need to finance them, make them sustainable over time.

3. Truth

We develop products based on people's real needs, to positively influence them, to promote their well-being. Based on people's free choice, on what they want to do, and do. To those minimum markets of our interest we try to contribute something, to make them healthier, more transparent, more accessible. Not based on our personal ideals about what people should do. And they don't. Or about what we think that people should be interested in. And they are not.

On the other hand, truth, which we choose to access through data not opinions, is the only way to make our failures useful. Through it we can correct the course of our projects, analyze and repair errors on the way to a goal.

4. Experimentation

We cultivate a spirit that allows us to experience things.

This requires honesty to know when we took the wrong decisions, a good long-term vision and a development method. And for that we know we have to be willing to generate controversy. We are stimulated by challenging criticism, if it brings us all one step closer to a better understanding of a market need.

We are happy to make mistakes on the way to discover new ideas. To launch ourselves into the adventure of calculated risks.

5. Transparency

Mínimo creates products that have specific goals for profits and audiences, which we make public in the roadmap document of each project. Once reached, this allows us to focus on other aspects of the project (on "better" rather than "more"), instead of exclusively optimizing for one aspect.

To be credible in this regard, we promote the transparency of our revenues; and transparency of the operation of our products, as well as their goals.

6. Focus

Our effort to create products with long-term goals, based on real needs, and carried out with transparency and a dose of experimentation, is important because it allows us to stay focused on doing a limited set of things very well, instead of dispersing efforts and resources to do a lot, in a mediocre way.

To stimulate this, all projects at Mínimo begin with a vision, an aspiration, which is developed through the Lean startup method.


Seth Godin, Kevin Kelly, Robert Cialdini. Eric Ries.
Muji (無印良品), Paul Rand, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Naoto Fukasawa, Dieter Rams.
Man Ray. Julian Schulze.