🏷️ Bibliopath is an editorial project that promotes open reading and publication in an elegant and simple way.

We focus on having good quality public domain works and contemporary authors by creating the tools for you to upload and promote your writing and profiles with the community.

Bibliopath has 4 types of users:

1. Anonymous They can read any book in the library and share excerpts.
2. Users They can download books to read offline. Listen to the available audiobooks. Follow authors. Highlight and comment on snippets, participate in discussions + What an anonymous user can do.
3. Bibliopaths These are the donors to the project. Bibliopaths can access outstanding books and authors, published by Bibliopath, and get free paper books + What the normal user can do.
4. Authors They can distribute their work through the platform for free!, gain donors and followers and the ability to engage with their reader base.

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Project discontinued.

Nicolas Erramuspe

Hey! I work on the design, prototyping and development of cross-platform craziness using tools such as Figma, Vue.js and Flutter, and on search engine optimization for affiliate projects.

These are the technologies that were used in the 🏷️ Bibliopath project.

Vue.js + Ionic + Capacitor + ePub3.