Explore the world of wines, craft beers and oils that connect us through 🍷 Braaay, an e-commerce for wines, craft beers and olive oils that has reached the markets of Brazil and Uruguay to offer an elegant, simple, modern and informed shopping experience; one with that care for details that is based on the love for the products. An experience that allows the user to enter, explore and discover the world of Uruguayan and Brazilian, local and international wine, craft beer, olive oils and all those pleasures that unite and connect us.

The Brazilian craft beer and wine market has a lot to grow in the coming years, from its 2 liters of wine per person per year to the expected 15 liters of the American market, and Uruguay has a lot to contribute in this process, with specialized, traditional and high quality products. In turn, Brazil with its overwhelming abundance has the potential to broaden the horizons of the Uruguayan palate.

The mission of Braaay, an ecommerce of wines, craft beers and special oils, is to contribute to that growth with technology, efficient delivery, and a specialization in customer service.

The project therefore has a Brazilian stage and a Uruguayan stage.
Regarding its development in Braaay, we expect three different stages:

  • Branding: Definition and development of the brand, with its manuals, logos, UX/UI design in Figma and creation of a Roadmap.
  • Technology: Definition and installation of the technology on which the online store will be based. From your Cloudways hosting, through the ecommerce platform to use, to outsourced services such as stock control, ERP, and payment solutions.
  • Launch and management: Definition of billing and sales objectives that are divided into three different challenges.

Do you want to know more about Braaay? Are you a producer or distributor of wines, craft beers or oils?

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Nicolas Erramuspe

Hey! I work on the design, prototyping and development of cross-platform craziness using tools such as Figma, Vue.js and Flutter, and on search engine optimization for affiliate projects.

Braaay is an evocative-lexical brand. Sound name inspired by examples like or Awwwards.
A modern store that unites BRazil and uruguAY through the simplicity and elegance of 3 base products: wines, craft beers and special oils (aaa!).

Modern, elegant but relaxed, Braaay is a brand for explorers of flavors and experiences, an ally in the complex world of fine flavors, positioning itself from the perspective of the archetype of the common man and the explorer, makes comprehensible experiences and products that seemed far away, through the elegant quality of simplicity and unpretentious sophistication, inviting to unite 3 worlds of pleasures, from two sister cultures.