LoveInABox Dribble Mockup

❤️ LoveInABox is a cooking app where you will be able to discover new recipes and (above all) order a cute little box with the exact ingredients to cook them and express your love for your friends and loved ones 😻 All while we guide you in the process.

You will even be able to add some extras to the order such as flowers for the table or a delicious wine.

The box will include the history of the recipe, the step by step and also a profile of the cook! You can follow them through the application and collaborate with them by giving them tips ❤️

I’m going to code the first version of this experiment using Flutter web and mobile.

Initially it will be available only for São Paulo, Brazil, where I currently live, but join the project to launch in your city!

A suggestion? Would you like to join? Are you a cook interested in publishing and earning money with your recipes?

Let’s talk! 👨‍🍳❤️👩‍🍳

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Nicolas Erramuspe

Hey! I work on the design, prototyping and development of cross-platform craziness using tools such as Figma, Vue.js and Flutter, and on search engine optimization for affiliate projects.