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⚡️ Lightning Beer

Buy craft beer with Bitcoin/Lightning in your trusted local store

October 2, 2023 - 1 min. read

Lightning Beer App, designed in Figma
Jan 2024 - now
Prototyping. UI Completed.
Figma, Svelte

LightningBeer is as a proof-of-concept app for those of us willing to use bitcoin as money, not just as one more speculative asset, so we can buy our craft 6-packs using satoshis, instead of just sitting above them.

Beers will be delivered by 3rd party #bitcoin friendly retail stores like from São Paulo, Brazil.

The financial goal for the project will be to cover its operational costs. Expect an open financial report once a month. Partners are welcome!

👉 Ready to add you store? Please get in touch.
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