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👋 Hey!

Nicolas here. I'm a UX Designer & Frontend Developer interested in bringing performant digital ideas to life.

I use tools such as Svelte, Alpine.js, Eleventy and WP/WooCommerce when building for the web; Express for the back-end, Netlify/Vercel for CI/CD, and Figma for prototyping & design! 🚀

I'm currently located in 🇧🇷SP/Brazil, developing new stuff and biking around.

Check out my work, articles and services.

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A bit of personal history

In 2024 I am entering the Payments space with a new project, while resuming freelancing.

In 2023 I moved to 🇧🇷Brazil, pivot my tech stack & co-founded an e-commerce project.

In late 2022 I rediscovered love 💘

In 2021 I moved briefly to 🇦🇷Buenos Aires.

By the end of 2019 and for most of 2020 I took a sabbatical and got lost on a tropical island 🏝️ More here.

Between 2012 and 2019 I was a Partner and CTO at WhiteMedia, a company founded in 🇺🇾Uruguay, focused on performance marketing for the LATAM iGaming industry.
In 2019 I sold-off my stakes and started, with the aim of bringing fairness to the space.

Before that and until 2012 I worked as a Full Stack Web Developer at BySoftware, API and Disfar Corp.

🦄 Latests.

👉 Looking for my work? (6 projects)

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🚴🏼‍♂️ Biking

Latest bike adventure registered on a GPX file. 👉 All biking tournées here.


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